Artist Takeover #01 || Rose Nordin

Artist Takeover #01 || Rose Nordin

March 17—31, 2023

Photo of artist Rose Nordin

"Artist Takeover" is a series of projects that invites artists to take over the bookstore for two weeks. Artists are granted the freedom to curate the space and the book collection in any way they see fit to emphasize particular topics or issues.

From this weekend, we will host our first edition of Takeover, organised by Malaysian artist Rose Nordin, focused on South East Asian publishing practices. Limestone Deposits makes connection to the historic use of limestone in lithographic printing, specifically in South East Asia. Deposits from caves and quarries across the region supported the more central point of Singapore in the printing of publications, then distributed back across the neighboring archipelagos. It is this significant connection to our local limestone that we consider the region and its print and publishing culture.

customers reading at limestone books
limestone books on the outside 
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