Why are Migrant Workers Always Live-Streaming || Wanci Jiang

Why are Migrant Workers Always Live-Streaming || Wanci Jiang

Wednesday, May 24th, at 7-9 PM

This Wednesday, the author, Wanci Jiang, will be visiting Limestone Books to share some stories from her recently published book "Why are Migrant Workers Always Live-streaming?"

In Taiwan, a significant population of 250,000 Indonesian migrant workers is employed in various occupations such as domestic caregivers, factory workers, and deep-sea fishermen. Many of them actively participate in live-streaming activities, sharing different aspects of their lives in Taiwan. From their daily routines like eating and walking to even mundane tasks like brushing their teeth, they engage their audience by broadcasting these moments in real-time.

Within the media landscape of Taiwan, narratives surrounding migrant workers often fall into two distinct categories. They are either depicted as a source of inspiration and heartwarming stories or as individuals facing tremendous hardships and struggles. Motivated by curiosity and personal observations regarding the prevalence of live streaming among Indonesian migrant workers, Wanci Jiang aims to delve deeper into the lives of their friends in Taiwan. Through sharing their stories, the goal is to present a more comprehensive portrayal of these mobile individuals that goes beyond the oversimplified dichotomy of inspiring tales or stories of hardship and struggle.

Two pre-translated articles have been prepared: "Taipei Main Station Migrant Worker Community" and "Migrant Workers and Place." These articles, translated promptly by the author and Chat GPT, will be printed and distributed among the attendees, providing valuable insights into the lives of migrant workers in Taiwan.

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