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Reetu Sattar

A pond in the middle of my body

A pond in the middle of my body

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A pond in the middle of my body by Reetu Sattar

"The book is to remember the dreams of a special time of my life" 

Reetu Sattar (b.1981) is deeply invested in the investigation of exclusive agendas, and in her work treats time as an illusion. Performative and experimental in nature, her practice is set inside seemingly impossible spaces, allowing for content to be emergent and determined as the body negotiates repetition, disruption, meaning, and memory. Through an academic approach, she questions human perception and imperceptible nature by re-examining history and creation of knowledge. By approaching the idea of space – close, defined, structural, - Sattar aims to break preconceptions of various environments. Always in dialogue with immediate surroundings and poetics and in alignment with phenomenology, her work explores inner urges for change, perception, (re)relation to body and matter.

Author: Reetu Sattar


Publisher: Jan van Eyck Academie

Contributor(s): Munem Wasif, Sarker Protick, and Rose Nordin

Year: 2023


Language: English


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