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A Touch Of

A Touch Of

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Shauba Chang communicates her skill and sensitivity to curation in a touch of, a large-format publication printed in an edition of 300 by dmp editions. The series of photographs included depict a smattering of hands, in plush blue velvet gloves or bare; the hands poke, puncture, and fondle several different animal products– mainly chicken eggs and raw steak. Chang provides little context to the photographs, save the eloquent, cryptic phrases that accompany some of them at the bottom of the page. In the practice of reduction and consolidation, Chang produces an atmosphere of extreme focus and intrigue, in which a touch of becomes the center of an investigation towards pressure, emotion, and impact. Despite its formal cohesiveness, a touch of banks on the assumption of vagueness and lack of provisional clarity; without an analytical prompt, the publication beckons for long, thoughtful reads.

Author: Shauba Chang

Pages: 46

Publisher: dmp editions

Year: 2017

Language: EN

Subject: Photography and Body

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