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Min Oh

Absentee, Attendee, Invitee

Absentee, Attendee, Invitee

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The book – as the associated exhibition – starts with a question: “Can music be made with sounds that are difficult to hear or sounds that are not made?” Through essays, musical scores, diagrams, and interviews with her collaborators (composer Mun Seokmin and choreographer Cho Hyeongjun), the artist-author explores the relationships between sound and music, performing and listening, and time and space. The book doubles as documentation of her video and performance works presented in the exhibition.

The jacket shows one of the diagrams that the artist made to describe the structure of her work. Inside, the typography articulates the complex, nested structure of the text by indentation. The folio moves around depending on the arrangement of main elements – a naive gesture inspired by how the performers rearranged the space’s configuration in her performance.

Written by Min Oh (Seokmin Mun, Hyeongjun Cho)
Designed by Sulki and Min
Translated by Min Oh, Sunhye Hwang

Author: Min Oh


Publisher: Workroom Specter

Contributor(s): Sulki and Min, Sunhye Hwang, Jo Holmwood, and Seguleum

Year: 2020

Pages: 216

Language: English and Korean


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