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Anas Chao

ananas - FENGTIAN SPECIAL Volume 1

ananas - FENGTIAN SPECIAL Volume 1

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This special issue is on a series of events that happened in Hualien, a city on the Eastern coast of Taiwan. The “Fengtian Special” tells my journey of exploring what the locals eat and drink, plus a food-themed “summit” that I helped organize, basically a competitive potluck, where everyone brings a dish, share the food and end the night by voting for everyone’s favorite dish. The book includes a brief story on the winner, and of course, a simplified recipe for the winning dish. The Summit has been held twice, the second book is in the making, and the third time will happen in early 2021.

Author: Anas Chao


Publisher: Anas Chao


Year: 2020

Pages: 90

Language: English and Chinese


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