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Ancestral Recipes, Seed of Memory

Ancestral Recipes, Seed of Memory

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This booklet is our contribution to decolonial healing as a seed of memory. We have been gathering and reenacting ancestral recipes since 2017, usiné art to amplity voices of stories that are being silenced and to re-member the worlds of meanings that are being erased. We believe that the ancestral recipes can open a space for learning diverse knowledges which contribute to healing our relations to food, to land and to the lives of others. Through cooking and eating together, we attempt to build a bridge that connects us to the communities in Abya Yala, who are living in reciprocity with Earth.

Author: Weaving Realities Collective (Yuchen Li, Aldo Esparza Ramos)

Pages: 78

Publisher: Weaving Realities

Year: 2023

Language: EN

Subject: Ecology and Food

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