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Sakiko Nomura

Blue Water 1967-2022

Blue Water 1967-2022

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Published on the occasion of a large-scale solo exhibition in Sakiko Nomura’s hometown of Shimonoseki, this photobook features older as well as completely new photographs by one of Japan’s most distinguished female photographers. A former assistant to Nobuyoshi Araki, Nomura is known for pictures which glow with strength and intensity and are rooted in stillness and delicacy. Whether she portrays withering flowers, shifting fabrics, flashes of skin, palpable absences, or heavy gazes, Nomura’s images play with longing, eroticism, and allusions. With its generous selection of works from her entire 30-year career, ‘Blue Water’ captures the essence of Nomura’s photography.

Author: Sakiko Nomura




Year: 2022

Pages: 104

Language: Japanese


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