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Bob Blackburn and the printmaking workshop

Bob Blackburn and the printmaking workshop

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At the age of 14, Robert Blackburn (1920-2003) a son of Jamaican immigrant parents began attending community art centers, such as Harlem Arts Workshop, the Uptown Art Laboratory, and 306 Studio—later government-funded (FAP-WPA) Harlem Arts Community Center. Years later, this merge of civic and community was reflected in his own model for the printmaking workshop. After studying at Art Students League, in a post-war boom funding for these centers had ended and racial segregation continued. That is when Blackburn decided in late winter, 1947 to open his own workshop, The Printmaking Workshop, on 17th street - centering on his own experience of collaboration, experimentation, and a welcoming environment.

EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (EFA RBPMW) is the oldest and longest-running community print shop in the United States. Not only a co-operative printmaking workspace that provides professional-quality printmaking facilities to artists and printmakers of every skill level, EFA RBPMW is committed to inspiring and fostering its diverse artistic community. Dedicated to the making of fine art prints in an environment that embraces technical and aesthetic exploration, innovation, and collaboration, EFA RBPMW seeks to improve the overall quality of fine art printmaking by providing low cost, unfettered access to printers, equipment, and education.  It is with this spirit of openness and inclusion that Robert Blackburn's vision of sustaining this welcoming, creative environment continues to serve as the backbone of the workshop today.       



Publisher: Endless Editions


Year: 2022


Language: English


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