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Theo Frids Hutabarat, Liesbeth Ouwehand, Zaldy Armansyah (ed.)

Course Kit

Course Kit

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Step into a world suspended in time, where sepia-toned memories and grayscale nuances transport you to the colonial era in Indonesia. Imagine having unrestricted access to a treasure trove of digitized photographs, revealing a previously sealed past. 

This publication offers two captivating playbooks that employ artistic strategies to reconnect us with the photographic archives. Zaldy Armansyah's Reframing employs collage to reveal the power dynamics of the colonial era's everyday scenes. Through poetic means, he unveils the hidden social structures depicted in these images. Theo Frids Hutabarat's Anonim takes inspiration from water-damaged family photos, overlaying them with carefully selected images from KITLV. The result is a
mesmerizing blend of past and present, weaving a tapestry of open ambiguity.

Joining us on this journey is Liesbeth Ouwehand, former curator of photography at KITLV. Having delved deep into the digitization process, she brings forth images that
resonate with her, offering glimpses into her personal wonderland. Within the seemingly endless links of the digital repository, Ouwehand's selection reflects our own limited capacity to comprehend that world. This project invites you to trust in the power of your senses, to see and touch these photographs with an embodied pleasure. Through the visual methods employed in this publication, we beckon you to step into the peculiar playground that is the photographic archives. It's time to play, to immerse yourself, and make these captivating images your own.

Author: Theo Frids Hutabarat, Liesbeth Ouwehand, Zaldy Armansyah (ed.)

Editor: Theo Frids Hutabarat, Liesbeth Ouwehand, and Zaldy Armansyah

Publisher: Copyright/Reserved




Language: English


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