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D is for Drawing

D is for Drawing

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D is conceived as a magazine focusing on drawing as a practice and a medium. By engaging leading and emerging artists, curators, critics, and scholars to reflect on drawing as both an essential process and a universal, cross-disciplinary activity, D offers itself as an experiment in representation, commentary, and analysis. We offer D as a compilation of elaborate traces of research and intangible ideas that spans the spectrum between drawing defined in traditional terms of academic, propositional and documentary depiction; autobiographical expression and records of intimacy; speculative architectural cosmologies employing figu-ration; and finally, democratic expression, suggesting that in the primacy of the practice lies the context for drawing as a successful collaborative process. The essays included in the pilot issue of D illuminate the work chosen while encouraging an experimental and expansive approach to the way we look at and think about drawing. Each text helps make visible a wider selection of practices and environments for drawing while elaborating on diverse connotations of re-search, observation, and extensions of drawing.

Author: Team D

Contributors: Yane Calovski, Melissa Gorman, Richard Torchia, Ismail Soyugenc, Simon M. Kristak

Pages: 122

Publisher: Yane Calovski, Revolver

Year: 2004

Language: EN

Subject: Art and Decolonization

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