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Peggy Buth

Desire in Representation - Part I and Part II

Desire in Representation - Part I and Part II

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In her group of works »Desire in Representation« Peggy Buth explores the construction of meaning and identity in colonialism. Buth conducted research for her work at the Museé royal d‘Afrique centrale in Tervuren near Brussels. In 2008 she published the two volume artist book »Desire in Representation. Travelling through the Museum Royale (Part 1) / O My Kalulu! (Part (2)« in co-operation with book designer and typographer Till Gathmann. For an exhibition at Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart Buth presented the publication as a multi-media installation. »Katalog« documents and translates the spatial situation and the video pieces presented at the exhibition into an adequate form for print, the result is a catalogue of the different forms of representation of the artistic material.

Author: Peggy Buth


Publisher: Jan van Eyck Academie


Year: 2008


Language: English


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