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Dr Satan's Echo Chamber - Reggae, technology and diaspora courses

Dr Satan's Echo Chamber - Reggae, technology and diaspora courses

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Let me humbly begin with the history of the Universe. Western science has provided us with a myth of origins in the "Big Bang" theory, which locates the beginning of all things in a primal explosion from which the stars, moons, planets, universes and even humanity are birthed. Because Western science's obsession with cause and effect has focused on the process of contraction and expansion in the universe (mirroring its colonial and neo/post-colonial conceits), it is the role of another kind of science to interrogate the metaphor in the term "big bang." Indeed, the fact that “science” in the Jamaican vernacular is synonym for “bush magic” or the occult, allows me to ground these metaphysics in the folklore of the Caribbean. The accompanying fact that one of the great dub producers of the 1970s was called Scientist (Overton Brown) and that the great tech-gnostic innovator Lee “Scratch” Perry surrounded himself with occult mythology and paraphernalia can be no accident.

Author: Louis Chude Sokei

Pages: 40

Publisher: Mediabus

Year: 2022

Language: KR, EN

Subject: Technology and Music

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