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Kim Thehu

Guide to Maastricht (2002)

Guide to Maastricht (2002)

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Guide to Maastricht box given to new artists of Jan van Eyck Academie to show them the way through the city (2002).

"This guide is intended to offer you some useful information on Maastricht. For instance, where to buy your groceries, where to go for some nosh or a drink (or two)? What to do when you've got time on your hands? You might want to do some sport, engage in cultural activities or just escape town. This guide gives you the tips: bear in mind, though, that the list below isn't exhaustive; it's just a basis to get your bearings in a strange town. Enjoy discovering Maastricht!"

Author: Kim Thehu


Publisher: Jan van Eyck Academie

Contributor(s): Tim Baumgarten, Dorrie Tattersall, and Jo Frenken

Year: 2002


Language: English


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