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Welcome to ICUM, an audacious zine dedicated to the unapologetic exploration of ku’er, transcending traditional art spaces with an ethos defined by the intersectionality of global connections. In our inaugural issue, ICUM invites readers to revel in the versitality of queer art and curation. This groundbreaking issue features a thought-provoking essay on Pro BDS/M curation at Documenta Fifteen, an exclusive interview with El Insulto, a Mexican grassroots sex archive, selected emails with Thai artist Samak Kosem, and insightful pieces on Taiwanese female artist Lí Tik-hô and the innovative MuseoQ, a queer museum from Colombia. Immerse yourself in ICUM's boundary-pushing world, embracing the wild creativity within the queer cosmos. This first issue encapsulates the essence of ICUM's manifesto, challenging institutional norms, celebrating versatile expressions, and redefining the boundaries of artistic/curatorial practices. From Thailand to Taiwan, from Mexico to Colombia, ICUM delves into queer experiences transnationally, exploring the multifaceted world of queer art and curation.


Editor: YU Liang-Kai

Publisher: Limestone Books


Year: 2023


Language: English


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