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INbook OUTbook IFbook - An Artist Book Platform

INbook OUTbook IFbook - An Artist Book Platform

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“INbook OUTbook IFbook An Artist’s Book Platform is a book project published by Viaindustriae that involves contemporary artists in thematic exhibitions and side vents. There are studies and researches by operators, curators, publishers, and specific artist’s interventions in the pages. The discussion panels opened within a series of workshops are included in the publication that treats the archiving criteria in the artist’s book practice. The operation focuses on three sections: INbook (filing and actions), OUTbook (multiplication and digression), IFbook (artist’s book and infinite hypothesis). There are texts by Emanuele de Donno, Giorgio Maffei, and specific pages projects by Celine Comporelli, Imvermomuto, Dubbin/Davidson, Amedeo Marteghni, M+M, Daniela Comani, Banu Cennetoglu, Markus Miessen, Daniel Eatcock, Helen Sommer, Edamimomda/Cramer, and Documentation Celine Duval.” – from the publisher

Author: Emanuele de Donno

Pages: 208

Publisher: Viaindustriae Editions

Year: 2011

Language: EN

Subject: Art and Archive

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