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Michele Filippini and Emilio Macchia

Leaping Forward - Mario Tronti and the history of political workerism

Leaping Forward - Mario Tronti and the history of political workerism

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The book explores the political experience known as operaismo (workerism) which began in Italy in the early 1960s. Using both political-theoretical and formal approaches it considers two main publications: "Quaderni rossi", a monographic review begun by Raniero Panzieri in 1961, and "Classe operaia", a monthly journal directed by Mario Tronti and started by an independent group that split from "Quaderni rossi". Both political experiences explore the same subject and issues. The first publication is mainly focused on a thoroughly analytical approach whereas the second was more politically active. Nevertheless as far as stylistic/objective standards are concerned the approaches to graphic design, printing techniques and distribution reveal themselves to be completely different. The publication contains five folders found among the pages containing extracts from both of the above-mentioned publications. The reproduction of these extracts aim to outline the differences between the two publications

Author: Michele Filippini and Emilio Macchia


Publisher: Jan van Eyck Academie


Year: 2012

Pages: 48

Language: English


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