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Howard Yang

Null Island

Null Island

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As a robot in charge of coastal protection, hours are spent as a unit, and a hundred years are scheduled as a plan. He cleans up shipwrecks, rehabilitates butterflies, cultivates woodlands, and faithfully restores the seashore environment. Nonetheless, no matter how scrupulous he arranged and prepared for the missions, his plans can't keep up with the natural changes.

In the distant future, the machine stay on earth after humans' departure, performing the tasks of ecological restoration day after day, year after year.

What if the humans are wrong?

They entrusted the robots with their planet Earth to restore its environments. Isn't that just a naive and futile attempt to capture an eventually fleeting moment?

At a moment of confusion, he recalled the story about this coast. Beyond the distant horizon, there is and island: The Null Island.

Author: Howard Yang


Publisher: Slowork Publishing Ltd


Year: 2022

Pages: 36

Language: English and Chinese


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