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Perverted Norm, Normal Pervert

Perverted Norm, Normal Pervert

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In the project, “Perverted Norm, Normal Pervert,” artist Kuang-Yi Ku collaborates with scientist Dr. Joris M. Koene, associate professorin the Amsterdam Institute for Life and Environment at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The scientist’s research demonstrates the “gender fluidity” of a non-human species, which is the starting point of this project at some level. Koene’s expertise lies in the hermaphroditic reproduction strategies of snails, and he has a well-equipped breeding facility for freshwater snails. Using this system, Koene’s research has revealed various aspects of snail reproduction. From his research, we find that part of the nature in snail’s sexual activities, which are taken for granted, may seem abnormal in human society. However, some sexual activities of snails are becoming normal in the context of human society. That is to say, in this case, the definition and boundary of “normal” and “pervert” are fluctuating and unstable. Such “fluidity” reflects the affinities and differences among different species; in the meantime, such fluidity prompts us to rethink the rigidity of human society’s perception of sex. In this project, Ku first focuses on four particularities of “sex” to compare and contrast the sexual activities between snails and humans, taking scientific knowledge as the basis, for the following visual art creations.

Graphic design: Yu-Tzu Huang(@yuzuhuang)



Publisher: Limestone Books


Year: 2023




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