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Pii Daenen and Mat Verberkt



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Visual artist Pii Daenen has been producing sculptures, installations, videos, photographs, prints, artefacts, multiples, interior and furniture pieces for over 50 years. He draws his inspiration mainly from the basic human needs and technological developments and uses his art to make humorous comments on how we humans deal with this.

In 2012, Pii started archiving his work in the FileMaker Pro tool. This has turned his entire oeuvre into a visual encyclopaedia; a work of art in itself. The digital archive will be transferred to the Venlo city archive in 2022. A perfect moment for the creation of a special artist's book.

‘Pii-Files' contains Pii’s complete work archive, supplemented with a visual biography and a large number of his work’s reproductions. This striking and idiosyncratic publication invites us into Pii Daenen’s imaginative world.

Author: Pii Daenen and Mat Verberkt


Publisher: Uitgeverij Komma


Year: 2022

Pages: 936

Language: English


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