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Post-Fordism and its Discontents

Post-Fordism and its Discontents

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How to rethink the recent transformations of global capitalism in the light of its manifold internal fractures and contradictions? The book Post-Fordism and its discontents addresses complex connections between culture and economy in order to scrutinise what underpins the logic of late capitalism. Post-Fordist theories have offered a very provocative and illuminating slant on the developments within the new regime of capitalist accumulation. In many ways, this theoretical research challenges mainstream economic and cultural theories. Even though it does not have a particularly coherent departure point, it still provides us with productive tools for the contemporary research in the associated fields of speech, biopolitics, migration, economy and emancipation. This volume offers an affirmative and critical account of some major controversies of post-Fordist theory, debated by researchers and scholars from a variety of theoretical contexts, ranging from Marxist, post-Marxist to post-Fordist. They present their takes on rethinking a return to a fundamental theoretical rupture: to Karl Marx's critique of political economy.


Editor: Gal Kirn

Publisher: Jan van Eyck Academie


Year: 2010

Pages: 360

Language: English


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