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Practical Training In Thinking

Practical Training In Thinking

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Practical Training in Thinking is based on twelve “states of thought” – doubt, connection, inversion, aesthesis, emergence, light, sufferance, tenderness, eros, calm, equilibrium, and prayer – and a series of corresponding thinking exercises. This book is not to be considered a manual providing instruction or technique, but an approach to the practice of thought through writing and reading as well as the experience of the less verbalisable interior stage opened to the thinking exercises. The theatrical event is decentred – not simply by substituting the external with an interiority, but through an investigation into the staging of ideas and their intrinsic possibility of transforming us, which at heart we recognise to be their performative quality.

Author: Snejanka Mihaylova

Editor: Philip Baber

Pages: 78

Publisher: The Last Books

Year: 2012

Language: EN

Subject: Philosophy and Etc.

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