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Recalling the Memories of Tattaka

Recalling the Memories of Tattaka

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Recalling the Memories of Tattaka, published in 2022, shares the same title with a travelogue written by painter Kinichiro Ishikawa in 1909. The book, an extension of a museum project, feels like a report and a novel at once, but it is “memories of Tattaka” for sure. It documents the plein air painting experience and artworks of twelve painters of the Southern Taiwan Art Association and Kinichiro Ishikawa, the precursor to Taiwanese landscape painting, during their respective visits to “Tattaka”.

Author: So Yo Hen, Tien Zong Yuan, Liao Hsiu Hui

Pages: 294

Publisher: Your Bros. Filmmaking Group CO.

Year: 2022

Language: EN, ZH

Subject: Decolonization and Photography

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