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Revue Faire No. 15 - The work done everyday: the Mucem.

Revue Faire No. 15 - The work done everyday: the Mucem.

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Though many Graphic designers write about their projects or their practice, it seems that this is often a priori, in the context of a statement of intent associated with a call for offers for example, or a posteriori, to provide commentary for their production. First we think and do, then we formulate in order to show others, we explain, we justify. This is finally one of things at stake in our profession. In fact, most of the time emphasis is placed on a context, a discourse or a result. Ultimately, we rarely speak of “during”, of the moment of “doing”, probably because it consists more of discussions – sometimes even negotiations – and mail exchanges, than of design itself. This is what interests us here. This issue, with its different voices, has been created in two stages. First, we will look at our “studio” work within Spassky Fischer for the communication and identity of the Mucem of Marseille (Musée des civilizations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée). Rather than explaining the approach or choices of the Graphic Designers, it is our intention to take a look, intentionally devoid of hindsight, at a project that we work on every day. To speak about its ambition, its evolution and development due to the contact with the different participants from the museum, of our place as designers in the face of a cultural institution such as this. During the second stage, we will question other designers on their experiences in similar contexts: Experimental Jetset, Bureau Mirko Borsche, Cornel Windlin, OK-RM, Mevis & van Deursen, Strobo, Roosje Klap, Studio Dumbar. An opportunity to provide a wider view of the day to day activity of the discipline.

Author: Manon Bruet and Thomas Petitjean

Pages: 20

Publisher: Empire

Year: 2017

Language: EN, FR

Subject: Graphic Design and History

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