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Manon Bruet and Julia Andréone

Revue Faire No. 18 - A studio visit: Ines Cox.

Revue Faire No. 18 - A studio visit: Ines Cox.

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Three women walk into a bar. The first lives in a large apartment in Anvers, Belgium. The second is an independent Graphic Designer who founded her own studio. The third is an avatar—you might even know her—with a certain interest in creative processes, their interfaces, and their vocabularies. Together, they eat some pistachio nuts, order vodka, and are not at all sure about getting up the next day to teach at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. But together, more than anything else, they form the troubling multiple personality of Ines Cox, a Belgian Graphic Designer who met Julia Andréone and Manon Bruet in her studio in June 2019. An opportunity to develop a narrative driven by three voices and to trace the outline of a path, a practice, and a figure.

Author: Manon Bruet and Julia Andréone


Publisher: Empire


Year: 2019

Pages: 20

Language: English and French


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