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Alireza Abbasy (ed.)

Sarmad Magazine Book Three

Sarmad Magazine Book Three

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Sarmad Book Three focuses on field photography, featuring the works of 10 various artists.

"More than a genre in photography, it is an experimental process in making images. Field photography gains its specificity from the nature of its nomadicness; that starts fundamentally from leaving the safe place of the studio and experimenting with subjects and landscapes that cannot be controlled to be captured."

Author: Alireza Abbasy (ed.)

Editor: Alireza Abbasy, Golnar Abbasi

Publisher: Sarmad

Contributor(s): Alireza Abbasy, Sean Rohde, David Ávila, Gerasimos Platanas, Maria Antonietta Mione, Peter Wiklund, Lucas Kastelijn, Viviana Levrino, Ky Lewis, Leonardo Garcia, and Kristian Saks

Year: 2016

Pages: 80

Language: English


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