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Jan van Eyck Academie

shame one

shame one

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“If shame emerges in the breach between you and me, between the private and the public, this magazine is a willfully idiosyncratic and multi-faced attempt to approach this breach, that is, to approach shame in its different registers from the sexual and personal to the political.“ - Jenny Nachtigall. Shame is a recurring publication which observes and researches human feelings and the human body. Shame focuses on daily issues that easily pass by our attention and juxtaposes them to politics, design and art in printed form. This makes it look, at times, uncomfortable and embarrasing. Shame continues to be produced in Berlin.

Editor: Neda Firfova, Wolfgang Futterer

Contributors: Alexander, Nathaniel Boyd, Simon Denny, Nicholas Matranga, Shogo Matsushiro, Jenny Nachtigall, Wolfgang F. IX, Hinrich Sachs, Samo Tomsic

Pages: 48

Publisher: Jan van Eyck Academie

Year: 2012

Language: EN

Subject: Culture and Etc.

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