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Simulacrum - Het Reflectienummer

Simulacrum - Het Reflectienummer

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To conclude the thirtieth year of Simulacrum, we have chosen not to look ahead, but to look back. We delved into the Simulacrum archives and asked authors to reflect on their submissions, ranging from volume 1 (1992) to 29 (2020). The reflections offer us insight into how art, culture and historiography have changed over the course of almost 30 years. However, the eleven reflections, bundled in this specially bound and printed issue, do not only refer to the past. Reflection is an exercise with an eye on the future; it is a moment of standing still, on how it was, how it is, and how it could be.

Editor: Marit Holtrust, Mirna Vrdoljak, Kenneth Geurts, Sarkawt Hamad, Merav Krone, Lucia Meeuwsen, Kim Mulder, Niels Noot, Marta Pagliuca Pelacani, Anne Schenkels.

Pages: 62

Publisher: Stichting Simulacrum

Year: 2022

Language: NL, EN

Subject: History and Architecture

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