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Jose Luis Cuevas

Sobre la Resistencia de los Cuerpos

Sobre la Resistencia de los Cuerpos

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“ON THE RESISTANCE OF BODIES, proposes a symbolic approach to the human body as a vulnerable and ephemeral matter, exposed to its own nature, but above all, to a social, economic and political system that erodes it.” Jose Luis Cuevas

“On the resistance of bodies” is a photographic essay that is born from the personal experiences and reflections of its author José Luis Cuevas on political, economic and social systems. He presents it to us through photographs of heavy machinery, portraits, images of morgues, car accidents, files and other objects that denote violence and highlight the vulnerability and ephemeral nature of the human body. He carried out this work in Mexico City between 2009 and 2017.

Author: Jose Luis Cuevas


Publisher: Chaco


Year: 2018

Pages: 128

Language: English and Spanish


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