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Chihhung Liu

Sound Geography VII - Beitou

Sound Geography VII - Beitou

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The publication of Sound Geography series is meant to establish a "voice-drawing database" through gradual accumulations. This creative project currently covers several cities: Yamaguchi (Japan), Kaohsiung and Hengchun (Taiwan). The sample cities in progress--Tainan (Taiwan), Davao (Philippines), Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia), Sydney (Australia)and Tokyo (Japan)-since 2015 are due to be finished by 2017. The project is expected to proceed continuously in the future. What would voices look like? When the "body" is developed into an auditory organ perceiving numerous voices and sounds, the "visualization of hearing" is made possible through the connection, transformation, and representation of verbal accounts, interviews, image freezing and abstract/concrete sketch lines. By collecting related data and sound materials recounting stories of local people, things and happenings, Sound Geography records/databases the plenitude of culture in each local area, and studies the empirical connections between "hearing and sight." At the same time, it aspires to leave illustrative samples gathered from different cities and areas.

Author: Chihhung Liu


Publisher: Chew's Culture Foundation

Contributor(s): Jasper Chen

Year: 2018

Pages: 80

Language: English


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