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Svara - Perihal Budaya Kontemporart #11

Svara - Perihal Budaya Kontemporart #11

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The 11th svara gives a slightly different attention through the contribution of the guest editor, Zikri Rahman who focuses on the keyword "activism" loosely. What we feel is so interesting to note is the publication of two essays related to the history of the publication of a Chinese-language women's magazine in the era of the years leading up to the formation of Malaysia and also about the Chinese dictionary, which in itself brings a new meaning to the Svara sheet: to discuss about differences (in this, a circle of language medium) in an open and accepting way, while giving space for as much cross-cultural exchange of spirit as possible which is expected to further strengthen our understanding of the history of our own homeland. More details about this intended content can be read in his notes.This issue also features a poster of's response to Mark Teh's essay, which is also included in it.


Editor: Hafiz Hamzah, Badrul Hisham Ismail, Noor Azam Shairi

Publisher: Pelita Tenggara Enterprise

Contributor(s): Aizuddin Mohamed Anuar, Amin Landak, Anwar Jimpe Rachman, Aqil Fithri, Daniyal Kadir, Farahin W., Fazleena Hishamuddin, Mark Teh, N. K., Rebecca Ilham, Show Ying Xin, Tan Zi Hao, Zikri Rahman

Year: 2022

Pages: 50

Language: Malaysian


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