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Liu Yu

The History of the Concave and the Convex

The History of the Concave and the Convex

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Cumulating via oversea residency projects and local researches these years, the artist Liu Yu has woven out a creative project themed with gold mine, presented in a form of solo exhibition The History of the Concave and the Convex. Mining industry moves people, gathers mining population, and alters landscapes drastically. Nevertheless, villages are desolated as soon as the mines depleted, lining up strings of ghost towns on the U.S soil. In Taiwan, thanks to the difference in population density, some are transformed into tourist attractions, while the others return to the Nature, blending themselves into the subtropical landscape. The book is a spinoff from the exhibition as well as an extensive reading material by offering passages of random daily trivia and datas regarding to key words and events. With pages cut into half in single coil binding, the book has been constructed in a fragmental style, leaving trails and clues to the readers to follow, to complete the stories.

Author: Liu Yu


Publisher: dmp editions


Year: 2018

Pages: 80

Language: English and Chinese


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