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Lena Bergendahl

The Human Orchid: Branches

The Human Orchid: Branches

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Under the Project CLOUDECK 雲台 The Human Orchid: Branches is one of several parts connected to the film The Human Orchid (a work in progress) by the artist Lena Bergendahl. Branches is a deconstruction of a story being written and consists of fragments and components from the research, script and editing process. An open-ended assemblage displaying entanglements between image, material and thought.

目彔事物 muluoffice is an artist collective and independent publisher, founded by Liu Chao-tze and Zhou Junsheng in 2021. Making books, not limited in sense of publishing; publishing, not limited in form of books.

Author: Lena Bergendahl


Publisher: muluoffice


Year: 2022


Language: English


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