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The Manual for Domestic Robot Keana-35

The Manual for Domestic Robot Keana-35

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The Manual for Domestic Robot Keana-35® (Hong Kong) is a collaborative work by artist Shih “Ayo” Yunyu, Hong Kong author Tse Pakchai and Wuhan comic artist June Lee. The context of the manual is based on the sci-fi novel, Mercy Buddha, written by Pakchai, with the imagination that by the year of 2035 every household in Hong Kong processes a domestic robot. The Manual contains exquisite details about the instructions and the application procedures of the related controlled items. The Manual is divided into three parts, the first part is about the basic functions of the robot, the second being the commands and operational instructions, and the introduction of sexual function as the third. The Manual also provides a thorough explanation of the related laws, photography and application procedures for the sexual organs.

Author: Yunyu "Ayo" Shih, Pak Chai, June Lee

Pages: 80

Publisher: Pak Chai

Year: 2019

Language: ZH, EN

Subject: Technology and Politics

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