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Marijke van Warmerdam

Then, Now, and Then

Then, Now, and Then

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‘Then, Now, and Then’ consists of 16 films that Marijke van Warmerdam made during her stay in Rome in 2017 and subsequent visits to the city. All the films are loops, and most last no longer than a few minutes. They portray life on the street as the artist takes us on a walk through the city. Distance and proximity, visibility and invisibility, movement and rotation alternate as the films show how the dynamism of the Baroque lives on in today’s Rome. With her keen eye for abstract image qualities, Van Warmerdam celebrates the hidden order of chance that makes street life so colourful throughout the centuries. This collection of stills and summaries brings the films to life.

Author: Marijke van Warmerdam


Publisher: Roma Publications

Contributor(s): Dominic van den Boogerd

Year: 2022

Pages: 32

Language: English


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