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Lu Lin, Tanyatorn Lauwanichpat (ed.)

We Are There & Here - food, loneliness, and living elsewhere

We Are There & Here - food, loneliness, and living elsewhere

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Welcome to the world of margins. We start with the topic that we live in our everday life, food. Food is the rememberance of our roots and origins. It is part of our basic needs and articulates our identifications. Even though we are away from the physical "home", food can always bring us back to the sense of home through a sense of nostalgia. Abstractly, home is a concept that signifies where we are from owr where we feel/felt a sense of belonging. The concept of "home" gives shape to what homesickness means to us, and the accessibility of that which defines home adds different intesnity to our homesickness. Giving it a sense of permanence or making it a fleeting feeling. It reeflects our complicated connections and emotions when thinking of what we see as "home".

Author: Lu Lin, Tanyatorn Lauwanichpat (ed.)

Editor: Lu Lin, Tanyatorn Lauwanichpat

Publisher: Lu Lin


Year: 2021

Pages: 47

Language: English


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