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What Does the Veil Know

What Does the Veil Know

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Renowned authors delve into the turbulent history of a multilayered symbol and take us beyond the "for" or "against" in the complex world of the veil.

Diverse facets of the subject are illuminated, examined and interpreted in and from the fields of architecture, history, art, film, literature and philosophy. The inherent political, ideological and cultural ascriptions of the veil are explored and boldly transcended

Editor: Eva Meyer, Vivian Liska

Contributors: Heike Behrend , Stéphanie Benzaquen , Ayşe Erkmen , Rike Felka , Silvia Henke , Benda Hofmeyr , Rembert Hüser , Ils Huygens , Carol Jacobs , Elfriede Jelinek , Vivian Liska , Eva Meyer , Willem Oorebeek , Johannes Porsch , Laurence A. Rickels , Avital Ronell , Hinrich Sachs , Eran Schaerf , Gisela Völger

Pages: 198


Language: EN

Subject: Architecture and Architecture

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