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Ron Hanson (e.d.)

White Fungus - #16

White Fungus - #16

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White Fungus magazine began in 2004 as a protest zine produced on a photocopier in Wellington, New Zealand, and has since grown into an international arts publication based in Taiwan.

In this issue:

  • A 50-page interview with Carolee Schneemann on her six decade career
  • Kurt Gottschalk reports on a New York performance of Max Richter’s SLEEP and describes his experiences of sleeping through concerts
  • Berlin music writer Tobias Fischer dives deep into the world of ‘animal music’ and the underestimated creative agency of animals
  • Former Flash Art US editor Nicola Trezzi interviews Dor Guez about the Christian Palestinian Archive
  • Taipei curator Jeph Lo on the emergence of noise music in Taiwan in the post–martial law era, alongside a photo essay on political demonstrations held during the transition

Author: Ron Hanson (e.d.)

Editor: Ron Hanson, Peter Freestone

Publisher: White Fungus

Contributor(s): Tobias Fischer, Kurt Gottschalk, Jeph Lo, Kyra Kordoski, Tim Bollinger, Nicola Trezzi, Hamish Win

Year: 2005


Language: English


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